VLS diffraction gratings for FEL applications

High efficiency mechanically ruled VLS blazed diffraction gratings

  • Diffraction gratings for beamline diagnostics
  • Ultra-low blaze angles for improved efficiency
  • Simulation services for reliable predictions of in-beamline grating efficiency

Inprentus manufactures blazed diffraction gratings for x-ray and ultraviolet applications using a nano-scale, contact-mode lithography technique - a method of controlled mechanical deformation of metallic surfaces. This technology is particularly suited to x-ray and UV diffractive optics in which features must be shaped with 0.1 degree angular precision and positioned with nanometer precision over distances of tens of centimeters.

Blaze Angles.jpg

Blaze Angle Profiles

Ultra low blaze angles improve efficiency and can be manufactured by Inprentus. A single unsmoothed AFM trace of a 50 lines/mm grating with a blaze angle of 0.1°.

EUXFEL Efficiency-1.jpg

Diagnostic Gratings

Diagnostic gratings can be custom designed to meet the needs of any FEL application. Using the spectral reflection of the coated grating and zeroith order diffraction of the grating, the majority of photons may be passed downstream to the beamlines, with a small fraction being directed into a spectrometer for in-situ diagnostics of each pulse train generated by the laser.