Revolutionizing Diffraction Gratings


High Efficiency  • High Line Density • Low Blaze Angle • Multiple Coating Options • Grating Sizes to 500mm

Inprentus has developed a new method for manufacturing mechanically ruled blazed diffraction gratings for synchrotron, FEL and laser applications, offering high resolving power with blaze angles lower than 1 degree. These new diffraction grating products offer the scientific community a new level of capability to apply to spectrometer, monochromator and laser instrumentation.


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Inprentus, Inc.

Inprentus manufactures the most efficient high line density diffraction gratings in the world. The company, based in Champaign Illinois, manufactures blazed diffraction gratings used at a growing list of synchrotrons and free electron laser facilities around the world. These are large government-operated research facilities where scientists use diffraction gratings in spectrometer and monochromator instrumentation. These facilities utilize infrared, ultra-violet and x-ray radiation to study the properties of materials, chemical compounds, and pharmaceuticals, with applications in environmental science, physics and the life sciences.  These important studies advance the core research of a long list of significan industrial, research and educational institutions. Learn More



About Diffraction Gratings

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A diffraction grating is a periodic structure patterned into a reflective surface, which disperses light into its constituent wavelengths.

  • Gratings separate light into its "colors", similar to a prism.

  • Allows one to control and manipulate light.

  • Used in all applications in which the wavelength of light must be tuned (spectroscopy, imaging, etc.), including beamline monochromators, FEL self-seeding, and x-ray emission spectrometers /RIXS.

About Our Technology

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With Inprentus’ new contact-mode lithography technique, these ultra-high precision diffraction gratings are able to increase the depth and clarity of the data attained from these experiments, which directly relates to improvements in materials, medicine, and other core research. Inprentus’ key innovation in its product manufacturing process is a unique combination of precision motion control, materials processing, software, metrology techniques, microscopy and clean room environment controls.




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