Diffraction grating products

  • Line densities at thousands of lines per millimeter
  • variable line spacing (VLS) 
  • Blaze angles as low as 1 degree
  • Large gratings up to 500 mm in length
  • Broad range of optics design capabilities

Inprentus makes gratings for the scientific research market, primarily for experiments done at synchrotron and free-electron laser facilities. We are currently developing our manufacturing process to expand our product offerings into new markets, including industrial manufacturing lasers and high-powered research lasers. 

  • Synchrotron gratings for beamline & endstation monochromators & spectrometers
  • FEL gratings for self-seeding, photon diagnostics and endstations
  • Plus many more next-market applications in development; high powered laser pulse compressors, multi-layer gratings, industrial laser lithography gratings, specialty gratings for low-earth-orbit experiments, and optical switching gratings for telecom applications. 
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