Inprentus provides the world's synchrotrons with high efficiency VLS blazed diffraction gratings for soft x-ray applications

VLS Blazed gratings - Inprentus, manufactures blazed diffraction gratings used at a growing list of synchrotrons and free electron laser facilities around the world. These are large government research facilities where research scientists use diffraction gratings in spectrometer and monochromator instrumentation. They use infrared, ultra-violet and x-ray radiation to study the properties of materials, pharmaceuticals, environmental science, physics and life sciences, which advance the core research of a long list of large industries. Inprentus’ key innovation is a unique combination of precision motion control, materials processing, software, metrology techniques, and clean room environment controls which combined together are able to create ultra-high precision diffration gratings for the synchrotron market.

Free Electron Lasers (FEL)

Low blaze angle high efficiency blazed gratings - Inprentus gratings are in demand for their X-ray diffraction specifications. FEL facilities are growing in number with 20 operating and 13 in development worldwide. Inprentus’ current product specifications are meeting the demand for high efficiency diffraction gratings in this market.

High Powered Lasers

Pulse compressor gratings - Inprentus diffraction gratings are ideal for pulse compression in high powered lasers. Inprentus gratings offer high damage thresholds and can be manufactured on a variety of substrates.

Industrial UV Lasers

Industrial applications - Inprentus offers ultra-fast pulsed industrial lasers for advanced manufacturing processes to high blaze angle laser lithography diffraction gratings for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Master Gratings for OEM Markets

Master gratings for UV/Vis/IR spectrometers - Inprentus can provide high quality custom master gratings from which volume production replicas can be made for a wide range of spectrometer instrumentation.

Astronomy and Solar Science

Spectrometer gratings - Inprentus diffraction gratings are ideal for astronomical observation instrumentations due to the high line density and low roughness characteristics of the products.

Additional Research Areas at Synchrotrons

Inprentus diffraction gratings can be used in a wide variety of applications.

They are used in spectrometer and monochromator instrumentation within synchrotron light sources as well as free electron laser facilities.

At synchrotron light sources for research on commercial applications including:

  • Characterization of feedstocks for the petroleum refining industry (Energy)

  • Computational modeling of wind turbines and jet engines (Heavy Industry)

  • New materials for electronic paper (Technology)

  • Conversion of heat to electricity in vehicles (Automotive)

  • Drug and medical materials development (Pharmaceutical)

  • And many others such as analysis of Photovoltaics, Catalysis, Semiconductor and magnetic materials, Structural biology, and Environmental science research.