The Team

Peter Abbamonte, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Professor of Physics, University of Illinois and is one of the originators of the technique of resonant soft x-ray scattering, which he has used to, among other things, discover a Wigner crystal in doped spin ladders, and to show that striped in copper-oxide superconductors are charged. This technique is now in use at every major synchrotron facility in the world.

Ron and Pete





Inprentus founder Peter Abbamonte
and Ron van Os, CEO.


Ron van Os, Chief Executive Officer
High-energy leader experienced in bottom-up strategic approach. Former Chief Operating Officer of several start-up companies. Former Senior VP and Chief Product Officer of L-1 Identity Solutions. Former Executive VP and COO of Imaging Automation, where he played an instrumental role in the company’s acquisition. Former VP of Global Business Development at Sabre Decision Technologies / American Airlines. Former Director of Business Development with Electronic Data Systems (EDS).


Jonathan Manton, Chief Technology Officer
Oversees day-to-day R&D and production operations.  Expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering, software application development, and IT infrastructure management.  Recent experience includes founding two technology start-up companies, working for a defense contractor simulating automotive radar technologies, and managing the computing infrastructure for an academic department at a large research university.  Before embarking on an entrepreneurial career, was a manager at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).


Marty Dugan, Vice President Business Development and Marketing
Leads Inprentus’ efforts to promote their breakthrough innovation in x-ray diffraction gratings through business development and marketing efforts. Throughout his career, has commercialized a broad range of innovative technologies in the telecommunications, environmental instrumentation, industrial control software, lighting, computer networking, and biometric security markets. Has held increasingly senior business leadership positions in companies including Raytheon, Teradyne, Comverse, Morphotrust, and several university start-ups. BS in Manufacturing Engineering, MBA from Boston University.


Cody Jensen, Vice President of Engineering
PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois
Film deposition, prototype fabrication, optical characterization, safety


Lingyun Jiang, Senior Research Engineer
MS, MechSE, University of Illinois
Testing, prototype fabrication, simulation and modeling


Subhalakshmi Kumar, Senior Research Engineer
PhD, MSE, University of Illinois
Tool development, Film deposition


Samuel Gleason, Senior Research Scientist
PhD, Physics, University of Illinois
Research & development, simulation & modeling


Marta Gabnai, Senior Software Developer
MS, Economics, Hungarian School of Economics
Software development, organization, and planning


Craig Milling, Senior Software Developer
PhD, Physics, University of Illinois
Software development, organization, and planning


Charles Strehlow, Sales Engineer
MS, Condensed Matter Physics, Iowa State University
Sales project management


Cynthia Ottemann, Administrative Coordinator
MS, Animal Science, University of Illinois

Ben Brenner, Ruler Operator
Manufacturing, maintenance & metrology

Henry Strehlow, Ruler Operator
Manufacturing, maintenance & metrology

Andrew Knight, Machinist
Fabrication, prototyping & maintenance



  • Erik Huemiller; Currently pursuing a PhD in Physics at the University of Illinois
  • Grace Malerba; Currently pursuing a BS in Industrial Design at the University of Illinois


Machinist Andrew Knight and CTO Jonathan Manton