Inprentus Sponsors the Gordon Research Conference on Correlated Electron Systems

Inprentus is proud to sponsor the Gordon Research Conference on Correlated Electron Systems, June 26 – July 1, 2016, in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

The Gordon Research Conference on Correlated Electron Systems is an important forum for new phenomena and techniques in the study of “quantum materials”, those whose electronic properties are difficult to understand from a conventional perspective. The scientific program strikes a balance between well-established subjects with profound, long-standing mysteries, and emerging areas that show great promise for rapid discoveries. In the former area, the 2016 meeting will include sessions on frustrated magnetism, high temperature superconductivity, and the fractional quantum Hall effect, which have all seen important developments in the past few years. In the latter category, sessions are planned on iridate and heavy fermion materials in which topological concepts are believed to play a central role, interaction effects in transition metal chalcogen materials, which have been “rediscovered” in recent years and are turning up new surprises, and new theoretical and computational approaches which may lay the groundwork for future transformative discoveries.

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Presenting New Kinds of Electronic Order in Quantum Materials – Peter Abbamonte, founder of Inprentus.